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Magyarportal.hu was first analyzed by us on Jun 08, 2013. We can see that the website is OFFLINE. It currently ranks #7,807,232 in the world according to Alexa. The lower the Alexa Rank, the better and this is in our opinion a good starting rank. It is most popular in where it currently ranks #-1. The website has an okay Google PageRank of 3. The IP address of the server magyarportal.hu is hosted on is and is based in Temecula, United States .

Website Overview

Name: Favicon Magyarportal
Website URL: www.magyarportal.hu
Page Rank: PR
Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank #7,807,232
Website Speed: 0.98 seconds
Language: Hungarian
Back Links (Alexa) 35
Popular Keywords: Magyar, Adk, Interneten
Site last checked on Jul 17, 2013. Update Now

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Social Statistics

Facebook Stats
Likes: 29 Shares: 152
Clicks: 0 Comments: 16

Website's On-page Analysis

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HTML Tag Elements
Paragraph: 0 Strong: 0
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Total Images: 0 Missing Alt: 0
Internal Links: 0 External Links: 0
Forms: 0 Fields: 0
Page Headings
H1 Tags: 0 H2 Tags: 0
H3 Tags: 0 H4 Tags: 0
H5 Tags: 0 H6 Tags: 0
Iframe: 0 Flash: 0
CSS: 0 Scripts: 1
Page Statistics
File Size: 9.63 KB Word Count: 0
Charset: Doctype: Yes
Viewport: No Google Analytics: No
Webmaster Tools: No Bing Webmaster Tools: No

Website Meta Tags

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Name Contents
Title Tag: Magyar ad�k az interneten

Web Server Location

IP Address:
Location: 92589, Temecula, California, United States
Timezone: -07:00

Traffic Report

Alexa Global Rank:

Keyword Analysis

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# Keyword Repeated
1 magyar 5
2 adk 3
3 interneten 2

Website's HTTP Request

Name Content
DateWed, 17 Jul 2013 17
Last-ModifiedThu, 30 May 2013 16

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